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What Are Pastors Saying About Sword and Psalm Ministry?

"To Whom it May Concern: 
Marcel is currently a traveling teacher out of Rhema Bible Church and we continue to receive excellent reports of his ministry. He has been mightily used of the Lord to minister the Word through both music and teaching. 
I know Marcel to be a dedicated, diligent and capable minister of God's Word and believe that you and your church will be abundantly blessed by his ministry."

Rev. Kenneth W. Hagin 

Pastor, Rhema Bible Church
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

"To Whom it May Concern:
It is my pleasure and privilege to introduce to you the ministry of Marcel and Evelyn Joseph. 
The Josephs have been faithful and committed members of New Covenant Fellowship for four years. I highly recommend Marcel and Evelyn Joseph to you. I have every confidence in them as ministers of the gospel. They are sensitive to the Holy Spirit and to the needs of the people as they minister."

Rev. Roger Brewer
Pastor, New Covenant Fellowship
Temecula, California

"To Whom it May Concern:
Marcel and Evelyn Joseph rely on the integrity of God's Word in every area of their lives. Praise and Worship is a    "well traveled" truth and equips them to lead other into the presence of God.
This confidence brings excellence in ministry...."

Rev. David Ingles
David Ingles Ministry 
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

"Marcel and Evelyn are a powerful ministry team. The combination of music and teaching is always dynamic. Marcel has always ministered a solid and relevant word to our congregation. If you want your church uplifted and inspired, this is a ministry you will want to have in."

 Pastor Bill McNeese 

 Harvest Family Church 

 Montgomery, Alabama 

 "Dear Marcel and Evelyn, I want to thank you so much for ministering at Word of Life Fellowship. It really was a blessing to receive your ministry. Our church was edified and we enjoyed fellow-shipping with you. So again, thank you. We look forward to more fellowship with you in the future. God bless you. "

 David Emigh 

 Sand Springs, Oklahoma

"To Whom it May Concern,

Each year this couple has been a blessing to our congregation. In the services they have conducted at our church, healings have taken place, homes and relationships have been restored and lives have taken on new directions as they ministered God’s Word to the people. They deliver the Word of God under a fresh anointing that makes it come alive in the hearts of the people. You and your congregation will truly be blessed by the ministry of Marcel and Evelyn Joseph."

Pastor Alton R Williams

World Overcomers Church (Formerly Lane Ave Baptist Church)

Memphis, Tenessee

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