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Pastor Mays,

It is obvious you have a surefire adherence to prayer; as we all should have. However, the level at which you approach the subject of prayer depicts a mandate concerning the subject. Your daily guide for praying effectively entitled, “Will You Answer the Call to Pray,” is proof of that assignment. The very statement to God on page four confirms your heartfelt acceptance of that call, “Father I’m teaming up with you to create your will in my life and in the world.” Pastor Mays, we have given your book to several people whom we felt would benefit by giving their daily attention to its instructions. One grandfather gave his testimony of how grateful he is for the gift. He went on to say that, “Every day starts with Will You Answer the Call to Pray,” this is the first tool he has ever been committed to concerning the things of God. In his words, “It’s so easy to understand.” Thank you for doing what you do, you to do it so well. We love you here at Sword and Psalm Ministries—God’s continued blessing will always abide with you.

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